Fun and fitness through tennis, pickleball, sailing and rowing

Junior Sailing

Classes are offered in full-day sessions Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Junior sailing lessons are for ages 8 to 16. Students aged 16+ are encouraged to enroll in adult sailing lessons.

Program Description:

The program follows the national CANSail curriculum delivered by qualified instructors. Students start in CANSail 1 and can progress up to CANSail 4, learning core sailing skills in a safe and fun environment.

Student equipment requirements:

Students learn to sail through on-land training and on-water experience in dinghies (small sailboats). They spend a lot of time in the water and should expect to get wet! Basic swimming skills and comfort in the water is required.

  • Properly fitting PFD (life jacket) that meets Canadian government standards and has a pealess whistle attached (ie Fox 40 from Canadian Tire)
  • Appropriate clothing for all types of weather, including a hat, windbreaker, and warm layers.
  • Sport sandals, water shoes, or old running shoes that will get wet.
  • Towel, sunscreen, water bottle, and sunglasses (eyewear should be secured with a strap)


Juniors do not require a club membership to take lessons.

Lesson fees include registration in Sail Canada’s Checklick program, which allows instructors, students, and their families to monitor student progress.

Jumpstart funding is available for junior lessons. Go to to check your eligibility and to apply.

Lesson Registration: Ashleigh Anne Cluff (drytcsailingschool[at] or 613-584-9770)