Fun and fitness through tennis, sailing and rowing



Brian Leitch (584-7775 or
Chris Moore (613-584-4245)

If you think skimming aerodynamically over the water under your own muscle power would be a blast, then rowing is for you.  It’s all balance, timing and teamwork.  Slipping into a boat and pulling solo or with friends develops muscle power, endurance and great friendships.  Rowing is a fun way to get to know yourself and others.Ray Lambert (2006)

The program is built around two elements:

  • Learn to Row – Starts early in June.  Please contact Brian or Chris for additional information.
  • Regular Rowing – Contact Brian or Chris – June to October weather permitting. Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am.  Weekday and weekend rowing can be arranged if interested.

There are 6 boats – one quad scull (4-person sculling shell), one straight four (4-person sweep shell), and four double sculls (2-person sculling shells).

Membership is required for all adult and student rowing activities (see Registration Form 1).